We are so excited to see communities in Haiti changed by Jesus! He is on his mission in Haiti, and he has led us to join Him there in three ministries!


We send our children off to school each day without a thought. It doesn’t matter whether we are rich or poor, our children go to school. Not so in Haiti. Many families must choose between putting a meal on the table that day or paying school fees for their son or daughter to attend private or public schools.  But without an education, Haitian boys and girls face an even harder life.

You can help a Haitian child attend school, receive school supplies, and  in some cases, a daily hot lunch for $32 a month (or $384 a year.) You could help to change a child’s life!

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Great job church! All of the children assigned to our church have been sponsored! We will be getting information for more kids soon.



Vieux Bourg Community 
Pronounced [Via-boo]

This town in Haiti is very special to us because it’s where our sister lives! (Yes, churches can have sisters.) Ours is Vieux Bourg Baptist Church

Vieux Bourg is a community of Haitian believers who worship and love Jesus, spreading the good news about him among the poor. We partner with them to build cross-cultural relationships for the sake of helping the poor and sharing the gospel.   

Right now there are FIVE ways you can respond to make a difference in this community.   Choose any of the five ways below by clicking on the green GIVE button. Choose "Haiti: Vieux Bourg" and mention how you would like to designate the funds in the note section. 

  • Water Filters- $105 provides a filter that will last years for a family and their neighbors.
  • Food Boxes - $35 purchases one box of premised rice-based food packets that fight hunger and malnutrition.
  • Tools - $68 purchases tools to help a farmer tend his crops or begin a garden.
  • Goats - $140 provides a long-term solution for family income. 



Camp Mahanaim  

This place is a little oasis in the midst of horrible poverty. But what makes it special is that it is for the children of poverty.  

Camp Mahanaim (Ma-ha-nay-im) serves hundreds of Haitian kids, giving them a safe place to go during the day where they can participate in sports, learn about Jesus, and receive medical and practical aid for themselves and their families.

Missionary partners Rod and Debbie Wray love hosting our youth teams for work, VBS, children’s camps, and other ministries. Adults have joined youth teams as mentors and adult work teams have helped camp projects. If you want a closer look at missions ministry in Haiti, this might be a good place to start.

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