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Day 47 - Third Year Followers

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Reading: Romans 13:1-7

Reflective Thoughts

Third Year Followers

It's not easy to follow a leader you don't like. If you didn't know who the president was, you could probably tell by who is complaining about him-at least until year three of his term. Then just about everyone complains. That's politics!

Paul, however, isn't talking about political preferences in these verses. Plainly and simply his instructions are to be in submission to our authorities-government or otherwise. Consider who was in power at the time that Paul wrote this: Nero. He was no sweetheart to the believer. Not long after the Book of Romans was written, Nero persecuted and tortured Christians in barbarous ways.

Paul's viewpoint is that every leader, whether it be your pastor, your boss, your professor, or your president was placed in authority over you for your good, even if you must apply Romans 8:28 to accept it. The question is, do our words render honor where honor is due-or are we third-year followers?


Day 46 - Inside Out

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Reading: Romans 12:14-21

Reflective Thoughts

Inside out

If you want to get people's attention, say the unexpected. Tell the underclass that the Kingdom of God is meant for them. Tell people that they are blessed if they mourn, or if they are insulted or persecuted (Matthew 5). Jesus said the unexpected, but He did it for more than just getting attention. He did it to expose the heart of a belief system, so that motives and intentions lay bare.

Paul follows suit in these verses. He asks us to do the unexpected-that which is impossible for the world to do. It's not possible for us either, unless by renewing our minds, we are transformed and live inside out.


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