Romans Devotional

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Day 50 - Opinions

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Reading: Romans 14:1-12

Reflective Thoughts


George Barna makes a living on the opinions of others. If there's one thing that his polls have shown is that for every issue there are at least several opinions. Each opinion represents someone who thinks he's right.

Paul writes about opinions in Romans 14. These opinions were on matters that were not clearly defined as sinful by Scripture. The Church in Rome had different kinds of Christians. Some held fast to ritual Jewish practices surrounding food and holidays. Others did not. The term "weaker" brother seems to indicate that someone's faith does not give him the freedom to engage in a given activity. Meanwhile others might participates freely.

As long as you have differing opinions, you will have differing practices-and lots of different people, each believing he is right. You may abstain from alcohol, attend rock concerts, participate in Facebook, vote democratic, use e-harmony or not. You may, engage according to your faith, and you will be right-until you judge someone else whose behavior on this issue doesn't match your own. It is possible to wrong in being right.

Day 49 - Footprints

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Reading: Romans 13: 11-14

Reflective Thoughts



Reduce the size of your carbon footprint! This is an urgent message by global warming advocates to make as little impact on our environment as possible. Paul had a similar urgent message for believers of the first century. His concern, however, was for their spiritual footprint-and he wanted them to make it bigger.

The sense of urgency to live lives of love was most certainly referring to the fact that the Lord could return at any moment. How would Jesus find His Church? Other reasons also beckoned believers to be awake and alert to urgent needs. Lives in the Roman Empire didn't matter. Infanticide was a common practice. Plague outbreaks caused entire towns to abandon their sick. Immorality was rampant. A fire in Rome would soon propel the first wave of brutal Christian persecution. All of these became the staging ground for the growth of the Church and the glory of God.

When you think of loving your neighbor and of putting off the sinful nature, do you do it with a sense of urgency? All that we can leave behind us are footprints. Where will yours be found-and will anyone be able to see them?



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