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    Emile Normil

    05.25.17 | Hope for Kidz

    Emile is a 4th grader who loves math. She is one of five children and she helps the family by caring for the goats and chickens. She would love to continue in school but her family cannot afford the school fees.

      Bernasard Oxinat

      05.25.17 | Hope for Kidz

      Bernasard is a 5th grader who loves math and soccer. He has two brothers and a sister and lives with his father. His takes care of the family livestock, but his parents are hoping for funds to continue his education.

        Rhode Bruno

        05.25.17 | Hope for Kidz

        Rhoda is a second grader who loves to study Haitian history. She is one of eight children and she helps the family with chores by doing the dishes. She lives with her mother, and she hopes to be sponsored to continue in school.

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