At Calvary we think of our spiritual journey as a matter of step taking. Wherever and whoever you are--there is always a next step to take. Come walk with us! Our Next Step classes are designed to help you connect with God, connect with others, and connect with God's mission in the world.

We are in the process of moving some to an online format!
Check back here for updates!


Baptism is how we publicly declare that we know and follow Jesus. If baptism is your next step, register here for the class.

    How to Share Your Faith

    Learn easy and natural steps to share your faith. This class is usually offered in the fall and spring. Register today, and we'll be in touch!

      Membership Seminar

      Whether you want to learn more or commit to Calvary's vision and mission, you'll find this class helpful. Offered twice a year. Register today, and we'll be in touch.

        Pathways of Grace

        Hear God’s voice the way you need to hear Him. Hide His Word in your heart so that it trickles out like water when you are thirsty. Stop trying to fit in and start belonging.

          Starting Point

          Wondering if God is real? Questioning if going to church is right for you? Register to join a class where no questions are off-limits. Sign up today and we'll be in touch.

            Uniquely Wired

            Assess the mix of your spiritual gifts, personality type, and passions to serve like no one else can! Classes usually offered twice a year. Register now; we'll be in touch.