We are so excited to see communities in Haiti changed by Jesus! He is on his mission in Haiti, and he has led us to join him in two places!


Partner with us in a ministry that changes the future of Haitian children for less than $1 a day, meeting physical and educational needs through sponsorship. Contact Jess Smith:

Emile Normil

Emile is a 4th grader who loves math. She is one of five children and she helps the family by caring for the goats and chickens. She would love to continue in school but her family cannot afford the school fees.

    Bernasard Oxinat

    Bernasard is a 5th grader who loves math and soccer. He has two brothers and a sister and lives with his father. His takes care of the family livestock, but his parents are hoping for funds to continue his education.

      Rhode Bruno

      Rhoda is a second grader who loves to study Haitian history. She is one of eight children and she helps the family with chores by doing the dishes. She lives with her mother, and she hopes to be sponsored to continue in school.



        Vieux Bourg

        This place is very special to us because it’s where our sister lives! Yes, churches can have sisters. Ours is Vieux Bourg Baptist Church

        We pronounce her name as: “Via Boo.” Vieux Bourg is a community of Haitian believers who worship, love, and spread the good news of Jesus among the poor.  

         Our partnership with Vieux Bourg is one we expect to have for life. Our purpose together is to build reciprocal, cross-cultural, intimate relationships for the sake of sharing the good news of Jesus in both Haiti and Berks County! How can that happen?

         If you are looking for ways to grow in your faith, or if you are interested in seeing God work in your life through someone who is different than you...Or even if you just want to make a difference somewhere, then you are ready to find out! 

        Camp Mahanaim  

        This place is a little oasis in the midst of horrible poverty. But what makes it special is that it is for the children of poverty.  

        Camp Mahanaim (Ma-ha-nay-im) serves hundreds of Haitian kids, giving them a safe place to go during the day where they can participate in sports, learn about Jesus, and receive medical and practical aid for themselves and their families.

        Missionary partners Rod and Debbie Wray love hosting our youth teams for work, VBS, children’s camps, and other ministries. Adults have joined youth teams as mentors and adult work teams have helped camp projects. If you want a closer look at missions ministry in Haiti, this might be a good place to start.

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