Adult Sunday Classes

Our adult Sunday classes are discussion-based, friendship-oriented groups that are open to all. They meet every Sunday, most of them on our lower level of our building.

You can try out a few of them and see what fits you best. Ask one of our Guest Services Volunteers to escort you to one this Sunday!  Email Isaías with questions.


Barnabas Class (Room 24/25)
This seasoned group of adults, mostly 55 and older, are looking to "finish well," along with a few younger adults who feel right at home.

Contemporary Issues (Room 27/28/29)
This class is a multi-generational blend of adults, looking at Scripture to understand the news and issues of our day with a biblical worldview.

Transformations (Conference Room)
This multi-generational class is focused on heart transformation through God's Word.

Truth Seekers (Room 20/21)

This group of marrieds and singles discuss books of the Bible and topics related to loving God and others in the home, workplace and community. 

Spanish ABF (Room 26)
This Spanish-speaking class focuses on growing in Christ and understanding the Scriptures. 

College and Career - Prism (Room 19)
This college and career class of 18- to 25-year-olds studies topics of purpose, direction and spiritual growth in a fun setting.