Adult Sunday Classes

Our adult Sunday classes are discussion-based, friendship-oriented groups that are open to all. They meet every Sunday, most of them are on our lower level.

You can try out a few of them and see what fits you best. Ask one of our Guest Services Volunteers to escort you to one this Sunday!  Email with questions.


Barnabas Class (Room 24/25)
Teachers: Harold Shelly and Frank Vecchio
This seasoned group of adults, mostly 55 and older, are looking to "finish well," along with a few younger adults who feel right at home.

Contemporary Issues (Room 27/28/29)
Teachers: Bruce Wilson, John Weller, and Ron Cataldi
This class is a multi-generational blend of adults, looking to understand the news and issues of our day through the lens of Scripture. Thought-provoking and enlightening discussions are centered on the Word of God with the goal of producing a Biblical worldview.

Transformations (Conference Room)
Teacher: Tuck Pierce
This multi-generational class is focused on heart transformation through God's Word.

Truth Seekers (Room 20/21)

Teachers: Rob Schaeffer and Wayne Dobson
This group of 30 to 50-year-old marrieds and singles discussed books of the Bible and topics related to loving God and others in the home, workplace and community. 

Spanish ABF (Room 26)
Teacher: Daniel Feliz
This Spanish-speaking class focuses on growing in Christ and understanding the Scriptures. 

College and Career - Prism (Room 19)
Teachers: Shawn Hoffman
This college and career class of 18- to 25-year-olds studies topics of purpose, direction and spiritual growth in a fun setting. 

11:11 A.M. CLASSES

Activate (Room 20/21)
Teacher: Kenny Frymoyer
This class of 20- to -40-year-olds emphasizes fellowship and community, Bible study, prayer, sharing, social events, and service activities. Members encourage one another to be active in living out their faith.