From Our Seats to the Streets

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More Than Just a Good Time

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Community picnics, softball, sports camp, rock painting, and gardens. The list of Calvary’s activities can get so long and busy that we lose sight of why we do these things.

They are fun! But liking sports, potato salad, and socializing isn’t the main point. Seeing Jesus work is—and that helps define your life purpose.  

If you’ve joined us at Calvary on more than one or two Sundays, you’ve probably heard us talk about a strip of road called “the 422 Corridor.” A couple hundred thousand people live in this West to East stretch from Womelsdorf all way into the city of Reading—and many of them (probably most of them) do not know Jesus.

If you do, you could have become an overseas missionary. But you didn’t.

Instead, you probably live somewhere along that corridor.

We believe that where you live and where you go throughout your day is where God sends you. And God sends you to people.

When you invite your unsaved friends to events like softball, sports camps, and churchwide picnics you invite them to participate with the believing community.

You .become a connector. 

Everyone finds it easier to believe what other people they know believe. So use these opportunities to get your unsaved friends to become friends with your believing friends.

You will be setting the stage for future conversations, life examples, and deepening friendships to share the love of the Jesus you know with those who don’t know Him.

This is what you were created for.