Car Care

Our Car Care Ministry is designed to provide basic car service to those who need financial help with basic car maintenance. 

Participation is by appointment only. 

The service includes an oil change and a check of fluid levels, lights, wipers, tires, etc.  Expect approximately one hour to complete the work. We may recommend additional work that is beyond the scope of what can be done at Car Care. We can suggest reputable local garages that can perform the additional work.

Car Care Ministry

The service is a gift from us to our community. Donations of $10 are always appreciated, based on your ability to pay. These go toward providing supplies. 

It is important to provide your vehicle information in advance to ensure that the correct oil filter is available. Note that motor oil will be on hand, but will be limited to 10W30 viscosity. If your car is under warranty, and/or you wish to provide a specific grade of motor oil (such as synthetic or different viscosity), you have the option to provide your own. 

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and why this ministry meets a need for you. We look forward to serving God by serving you in this practical way.

(If the form below is disabled, that means that this month's Car Care day is fully booked. Please check back later. You can check out our events calendar to see when the next Car Care day will be.)