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Resources For Spiritual Maturity

The following links, articles, sermon notes, and other material are placed here for those who'd like to study some of the issues and ideas discussed from the pulpit.

It is my hope that providing this information will enable you to grow in your faith and help others to do the same.

Pastor Sloan

Calvary Moves Away from the NIV translation of the Bible

In 2012, Calvary began transitioning from use of the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible to the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible. You will hear most of Calvary's pastors preaching from the ESV and as curriculum becomes available, we will choose those that use ESV instead of NIV. As we distribute the Bibles we have on hand to those without Bibles, we will replace our distribution supply with ESV versions.

To use the ESV online click HERE For more information about the decision to use the ESV translation, please click HERE.

Discipleship Links

The following links lead to some great resources for growing your walk, finding answers to questions about faith, or simply looking for the next steps in discipleship.

Follow The Rabbi

That The World May Know is a popular video series that has been shown in several ABFs here at CBFC over the years. Teacher Ray Vander Laan is your guide as he leads a group of pilgrims through some of the cities and countryside described in the Bible. As magnificent as the scenery and ruins are, the really amazing aspect is the way that the relevance of culture to which the Word was being delivered.

The web site dedicated to the series - www.followtherabbi.com - is a wealth of information detailing that cultural relatability and is a wonderful guide to personal devotions or small group study. Click on the image to go to the site.

Pastor Sloan's Israel Trip - 2009

You can read all about the 2009 trip to Israel which included Pastor Sloan and his wife Ann along with 18 individuals from the congregation.


Have They Found The Tomb of Jesus?

Often I get asked about something like The Discovery Channel's program, The Lost Tomb of Jesus. But when one of the finest biblical scholars and historians puts up four detailed posts debunking the tomb of Jesus theory, I have nothing else to add. So let me refer you to the excellent posts by Ben Witherington III:

The Jesus Tomb?

The Smoking Gun

Problems Multiply for Jesus Tomb Theory

Biblical Archeologists Reject Show's Claims

Articles From Pastor Bob

The front page article of our monthly newsletter is often written by Pastor Bob. These articles are usually geared toward introducing an upcoming sermon series or ministry emphasis. However, they're a great read anytime for inspiration and spiritual motivation. Click on the link at left to go to a listing of the latest newsletter articles...

Faith Fact or Fiction?

In an effort to help believers answer questions that the The DaVinci Code raises about the origins of Christianity and the divinity of Christ, the May sermon series tackled this pop culture hit.

If you or someone you know has felt challenged by the claims made in the book or movie, the following sermon notes highlight the differences between fact and fiction.

Click on a link to open the document as a PDF file in your browser. Right click on the link and choose Save Target As... to download the file to your computer.

Faith Fact or Fiction - Part 1: Which Bible?
FaithFactorFiction-Part1WhichBible-Sloan.pdf (564 KB)
Faith Fact of Fiction - Part 2: Is Jesus Really God?
FaithFactorFiction-Part2IsJesusGod-Sloan.pdf (52 KB)
Faith Fact or Fiction - Part 3: Is Jesus Really Human?
FaithFactorFiction-Part3IsJesusHuman-Sloan.pdf (83 KB)